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1. How do I obtain a copy of a police report/records?
2. How do I apply for a pistol permit?
3. Are police reports/records "public information"?
4. How much do copies of police reports/records cost?
5. The insurance company says it is my responsibility to obtain a copy of my accident report. Is this correct?
6. I asked for a report and was told I could not have it. Why is that?
7. I just got arrested; can I get a copy of my arrest report?
8. Do you do criminal background checks?
9. How can I find out the status of my case?
10. How do I know who is investigating my case?
11. Will you call me when my case comes to closure?
12. Will you call me if my property is found?
13. How do I get my property back?
14. Why does it take so long to get property back when it is held as evidence?
15. Why must I make an appointment to claim my property?
16. If I find and turn in any other property (i.e. money, jewelry, etc.), may I later claim it?
17. Does the police department hold property auctions?
18. Can I find out if there is an arrest warrant for me or somebody else?
19. I would like to look into getting a pardon for my past transgressions; how would I do that?
20. What permits are required and available through police department?
21. What do I need to know about opening a pawn shop, buy/sell precious metals, gems, coins or be a second-hand dealer?