Hauler/Collector & Self-Collector Regulations

All haulers/collectors of solid waste (refuse and/or recyclables) within the City will be subject to these regulations. Generators who haul their own solid waste (self-haulers) are not subject to paragraph A of this section. Self-haulers may be commercial, institutional, or residential generators.

Permit to Haul/ Collect Solid Waste

Each commercial hauler collector of solid waste generated within the City must obtain a permit from the Director for each vehicle used to collect solid waste in the City. The commercial hauler must comply with the following to obtain and maintain a permit:

  1. Show proof of and maintain liability insurance in an amount and type required by the City.
  2. Provide and update a copy of their complete daily collection schedule (s) by day of week and address
  3. Register their vehicles for delivery of Norwich refuse at the SCRRRA Lisbon Resource Recovery Facility (Lisbon RRF) in accordance with SCRRRA procedures.
  4. Deliver all refuse generated within Norwich to the Lisbon RRF.
  5. Maintain their financial obligation to the City within reasonable limits as determined by the City’s Finance Department.

Violators will be subject to fine and/or loss of their permit to collect or haul solid waste within the city.

Hauling, Collecting, & Disposal of Solid Waste

  1. All loads of refuse or recyclables must be covered while being transported in or through the city. Violators will be subject to fine and/or loss of permit.
  2. Solid Waste must be disposed of at the Lisbon RRF or another facility as designated by the Director.
  3. Refuse or recycling collections shall not occur prior to 6:00 am
  4. Violators will be subject to loss of permit, fine, and/or loss of privilege at the designated disposal facility.
  5. The Director may designate where residential recyclable material, generated within the City, must be sent for transfer, processing, or further handling. If the Director so determines, violators will be subject to loss of permit, fine, and/or loss of privilege at the designated facility.
  6. The hauler has the right to deny service to any generator who does not separate recyclable material from their refuse, or presents non-conforming refuse or recyclables for collection. The hauler will be responsible, to the City, for all additional fees, fines, and/or penalties resulting from the City or its designated facility accepting any type of non-conforming material.
  7. A hauler who notices that a generator has not separated recyclable materials from their refuse or is presenting non-conforming materials for collection, should inform the generator and also the Director of Public Works. The Director will assist the hauler in correcting the problem and/or take enforcement action against the hauler and/or generator.

Reporting of Recyclable Quantities

Haulers must report quarterly on the types and quantities of recyclable materials collected and disposed at facilities other than the City’s Transfer Station. Haulers must report these materials to the solid waste unit in writing within 10 working days after the quarter in which they were hauled. This report is required in order for the City to fulfill its obligation in reporting recyclable quantities to the Connecticut DEEP.

The report must include:

  • Hauler name
  • Period covered by report
  • Type of recyclable material
  • Quantity of material
  • Recycling facility where delivered