Current Projects

2020 Paving Program 

Covid-19 impacted the annual City Paving program as NPU could not dedicate the amount of crews to upgrade the Utility infrastructure as they have done in the past. This is the reason why the Teddy Lane area did not get paved this year. This area will be the first to be paved in 2021. In spite of social distancing, split crews and other challenges, we have made some significant progress. 

We started our annual paving this year in Greenville. With the help of the City’s hired contractor, Charles Pasteryak Jr. Inc. We were able to pave Prospect Street (9th to Central Ave), 6th Street (Durfey to Shetucket River), 5th Street (Page to Prospect), 4th Street (Gilmour to Shetucket River), 3rd Street (Central Ave to North Main), Gilmour Street, Page Street, Howard Street, and Golden Street (North of Hickory), 12th Street, 11th Street, 10th Street, 9th Street, 8th Street, 7th Street, 6th street, 5th Street, 4th Street, 3rd Street and 2nd Street (all from Central Ave to North Main Street), Chestnut Ave, Chestnut Street and Willow Street. We will complete the paving projects in the weeks to come with work on Curtis Street, School Street (off of Old Canterbury Turnpike), Larry Street and Harvard Terrace.  We are aware of the condition of all the streets in the City we ask that you patiently wait for your street to be paved.

Rehabilitation of the Sunnyside Street Bridge

Work is nearly complete on the historic Sunnyside Street Bridge in the Yantic Village.  Ongoing work includes the installation of slate roofs on the turrets, and installation of guide rail.  Road closures will be very minimal for the remainder of the project, which is anticipated to be completed in early October.  

Replacement of the Sherman Street Bridges

The Final Design work is now underway, with 70% Plans and Construction Documents completed.   Because of the complexity of project, the design and permitting phase will last through 2021, with construction expected to start in 2022.  The construction phase will likely last two years, with closure of the bridges anticipated during the summer construction months.  Currently the water handling plans for construction are being adjusted to satisfy the permitting agencies.

 A three way stop condition at the intersection of Sherman and Asylum Street was installed in July, in advance of the construction, and will remain in place after construction.

Dunham Street Reconstruction

The CT Department of Transportation has completed their review and we are currently addressing their comments before bidding. Unfortunately the magnitude of the comments will likely push the Construction to spring of 2021.

Franklin Square Roundabout

Working on a Flood Plain Management Certificate with the CT DEEP as portions of the area are within the 100 year flood zone. The Consultant is finalizing the Construction Documents (plans and specifications) and construction is anticipated for early spring of 2021.

Playground installation in Greenville (165 Golden Street)

The new playground and fitness equipment at the former Greenville Elementary School Site has been completed. Older, outdated play equipment was removed by Public Works crews. The new playground equipment, fitness equipment, and surface material has been installed and the playground is now open.

Mohegan Park 

Replacement of the Monkey House and the Lakeside Pavilion roofs were completed by Scepanski Roofing.  

In the early morning hours of July 8th, a large Oak tree broke and crashed through the roof of the Lakeside Pavilion.  Luckily there was no one in the park at the time, and we had previously decided to cancel all reservations for the entire season of rentals.  

Taftville Park 

Both the pavilion and the new basketball court are complete.  An additional grant has been obtained for a second basketball court.

23 Union Street – ADA Entrance and Remodeling 

The renovations at 23 Union Street including a new entrance and ADA accessibility were completed.

Central Avenue Wall Repair

The stone faced wall along Central Avenue above North Main Street that was damaged by a vehicle impact earlier this year has been repaired by Dexter Masonry.  The wall has been realigned to match the alignment of Central Avenue because it had shifted over the years. New sidewalk has been installed in the area of the repair and additional guide rail will be installed along the curved section of the road to help reduce the risk of future impacts from vehicles.

Revised September 2020