Youth Leadership Training

Teen Leadership Council

The Teen Leadership Council (TLC) program is designed to introduce youth ages 13-18 to the basic skills and information necessary to empower them to become leaders in their community. It is our belief that teens can become an integrated part of the process of positive change in any community. TLC is a 8 week curriculum that combines the best aspects of leadership training and includes such topics as: Communication Skills, Group Dynamics, Leadership Roles, Negotiation Skills, Building Coalitions, and Mind Mapping. Teens focus on teamwork and cooperation to complete a community project of their choice. Community mentors will volunteer their time and skills to help the participants achieve their goals. Individuals will be mentored beyond the project time as appropriate. 

Community Projects that the TLC have developed and completed include: 

  • Family Fun Night
  • Anti-Bullying Presentation in Elementary Schools 
  • Hygiene Education Project for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Projects to be completed in the New Year include: 

  • Coping Skills Fair for Middle School Students scheduled for the end of January
  • Collecting Donations and Making Care Packages for Homeless Citizens scheduled for January 

If you are interested in participating in this leadership training, please contact Christine Goracy at 860-823-3782 or 

Joining Forces

Norwich Youth and Family Services is currently partnering with the Norwich Police Department on a year long Leadership Program that partners 10 middle school students with 5 police officers to complete a community service project of their choosing. This program meets monthly and the students and officers are building relationships with one another through various activities and are working collaboratively to develop and implement their community project.