Juvenile Justice/Diversion Programs

Juvenile Justice Alliance

The Juvenile Review Board

The JRB is an option for first-time offenders who have committed non-serious juvenile offenses and are deemed appropriate by the police. After meeting the youth and hearing the case, the JRB will design and offer alternatives that are aimed at 1) promoting responsible behavior by offenders, 2) solving problems that may be at the root of the delinquent behavior, and where possible, 3) taking into consideration the needs of the victim. The Norwich police are the gatekeepers for this program. Every youth referred works with a case manager to achieve their goals.

Families With Service Needs Referrals

Effective July 1, 2020, Section 8 of PA 19-187 provides that Family with Service Needs (FWSN) behaviors will no longer be under Juvenile Court Jurisdiction. These behaviors include: (1) has without just cause run away from the parental home or other properly authorized and lawful place of abode, (2) is beyond the control of the child or youth’s parent, parents, guardian or other custodian, (3) is engaged in indecent or immoral conduct and/or (4) is 13 years old or older and has had sexual intercourse with another person and the other person is 13 years old or older and not more than two years older or younger than the child. 

This is similar to the changes made with Truancy, and youth demonstrating these behaviors may now be referred to the local Youth Service Bureau, Norwich Youth & Family Services. Referral paperwork is accessible online and you can contact Erin Haggan to submit a referral, or if you have questions. 

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