Planning Department Fee Schedule

Commission on the City Plan (Appendix A, Sec 17.1 & 17.2)

Base FeeState FeeTotal
Site plan reviewApplication Fee
Multi-family with ten or fewer units
Commercial or industrial containing less than 10,000 square feet in area
Parking lot and/or site work not required as part of building construction
Application Fee
Multi-family developments containing over 10 units
Commercial or industrial development or other such development with
planned structure over 10,000 square feet
Coastal site plan review256085
Special permit50060560
SubdivisionPer lot fee ($300 and $100 per lot)30060360
CAM (if required)25
Public Hearing (this is in addition to other applicable fee)150

Zoning Board of Appeals (Appendix A, Sec 19.3)

Base FeeState FeeTotal
Appeal of order of Zoning Enforcement Officer50060560

Zoning Permits (Appendix A, Sec 18.2.3)

Base FeeState FeeTotal
Single family or duplex house50
Accessory Structure25
Home occupation25
3-family or greater200
Any commercial use or activity200
Conversion permit100
Letter of Zoning Compliance20
Waiver of hearing for certificate of location for motor vehicle use0

Inland Wetlands, Watercourses & Conservation Commission (For specifics refer to Regulation Section 19.5)

All fees required by these regulations shall be submitted to the commission in the form of a check made payable to the City of Norwich.

No application shall be deemed complete or accepted by the commission unless the correct application fee is paid in full or unless a waiver has been granted by the commission pursuant to Subsection 19.4 of Appendix B.

Application fees shall be based on the following schedule, and shall include the $60 surcharge required by the State of Connecticut Public Act 09-03 (eff.October 1, 2009)

Base FeeState FeeTotal
Permitted and Nonregulated UsePermitted as of right0
Non-regulated use (determined by Commission)0
Upland Review Area activities306090
Administrative permit for activities within Upland Review Area306090
Regulated UseResidential uses (plus $50 per lot for each lot in excess of three (3) lots for subdivision/re-subdivision)27060330
Commercial, industrial and multifamily as defined in the City of Norwich Zoning Regulations27060330
Other Uses12060180
Public Hearings (this is in addition to other applicable fee)29060350
Official Inland Wetland Map Amendment Petitions27060330
Modification of previous approval or an Extension of previously issued permit7060130
Appeal of Duly Authorized Agent Decision17060230

Fee Exemptions

All boards, commissions, and departments of the City of Norwich are exempt from all application fee requirements.


Base fee is from the Code of Ordinances of the City of Norwich. State fee is from Title 22a of the State of Connecticut Statutes.