Facility Rentals


The City of Norwich offers residents and non-residents the opportunity to rent two public facilities for group events such as weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, corporate outings, etc. These two facilities are the Lakeside Pavilion and the Group Pavilion, both located in Mohegan Park.

The cost to rent each of these facilities is $225 per day for Norwich residents and non-residents alike. These facilities are available from April 15 through October 15. Reservations for rentals begin the first workday in January of that year.  

The Lakeside Pavilion has a fully-enclosed space with lighting, seating and tables to accommodate approximately 80 people. It also has a large deck adjacent to and overlooking beautiful Spaulding Pond. Full restroom facilities are available in a nearby building.

The Group Pavilion has an open covered pavilion with picnic table seating for approximately 80-100 people. The facility also has a large open field suitable for baseball / softball, volleyball, horseshoes, etc. Renters of this facility must bring their own equipment (volleyball net, horseshoe stakes and shoes, etc.). There is running water at this facility; however, the restrooms are porta-johns.

For more information on reservations please contact Public Works at (860) 823-3798. Office hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. 

Other Facilities

In addition to the Lakeside Pavilion and Group Pavilion facilities, the public may also visit and use the gazebo at Howard T. Brown Memorial Park, Mohegan Park Center, or the Norwich Veterans Memorial Rose Garden.

If you are planning an event on a City owned property, please read the Event Planning Guide and contact the City Manager’s office as early as possible to determine if your event has met all necessary requirements.

There is no charge to use these facilities, however it is recommended that patrons wishing to use them also contact Public Works at (860) 823-3798 in advance to ensure no other events are planned.

These three facilities are public spaces, and as such, the general public is allowed on the grounds at all times that they are open.