Streets & Parks Maintenance


The division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of city streets, parks, drainage systems, dams, cemeteries, and former landfills. The City of Norwich has 161 miles of roads, more than 3,200 storm drains (catch basins), 30 bridges and/or major culverts, and 15 parks and cemeteries.


The Streets & Parks Division focuses on citizen safety through the management of:

  • Road and drainage systems
  • Catch basins
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Flood control dams
  • Street and public notice signs
  • Tree trimming
  • Roadside mowing
  • Roadside guide rails
  • Emergency response
  • Snow and ice control

Quality of Life

The Streets & Parks Division strives to improve the quality of life for citizens through the beautification of high-value park assets such as Mohegan Park, Howard T. Brown Park, and our historic cemeteries.

Other regular duties performed by staff in this division that play a role in beautification are:


The Street & Parks Division is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the many services it provides. The division is committed to managing operations within its allotted budget and always presenting a positive public image.