Norwich was founded in 1659 and incorporated in May, 1784. The town and city were consolidated on January 1, 1952. The City of Norwich operates under a charter adopted in 1952 which was most recently revised November 3, 2015.

The city operates under a city manager / mayor / council form of government. The City Council consists of six members and one mayor, all elected at large. Elections are held during odd calendar years as provided by state statute.

Government Structure

In addition to all powers granted to towns and cities under the constitution and general statutes of the state of Connecticut, the City Council also has specific powers to be executed through the enactment and enforcement of ordinances and bylaws which protect or promote the peace, safety, good government, and welfare of the city and its inhabitants.

The council also has the power to provide for the organization, conduct, and operation of the departments, agencies, and offices of the city; for the number, titles qualifications, powers, duties, and compensation of all officers and employees of the city; and for making of rules and regulations necessary for the control, management, and operation of all public buildings, grounds, parks, cemeteries or other property of the city.

The city manager is appointed by and directly responsible to the council and serves at the pleasure of the council. The manager is responsible to the council for the supervision and administration of city departments.