Human Services


Our mission is to provide immediate services to residents in crisis and to develop and administer services that help people become self sufficient and reach their maximum potential.

Description of Services

For more than 70 years, Norwich Human Services has provided social services to Norwich residents. Our department is an umbrella agency encompassing three divisions:


Summer Meals 4 Kids: Click here for a list of times and locations throughout Norwich.

The Renter's Rebate program for 2018 begins April 1, 2019 and concludes on October 1, 2019. Appointments are available Monday & Friday afternoons and Wednesday& Thursday mornings. Please call Norwich Human Services to schedule an appointment.


  • You MUST be living in Norwich and have rented in Connecticut

Income Limits 

  • SINGLE…$36,000 or less/year
  • MARRIED…$43,900 or less/year


  • Proof of ALL rent paid in 2018 (Rent receipts or letter from the landlord, not the lease)
  • Proof of ALL utilities paid in 2018 (A printout of PAYMENTS made to NPU (NOT what you were billed), receipts from gas/oil/propane/wood/coal company, etc.)
  • Proof of ALL household income for 2018 (1099 forms, W-2s, proof of Social Security benefits, pension income, investment income, etc.)
  • 2018 Income Tax Return (If you filed a tax return you MUST bring a copy with you.)
  • Proof of TVCCA energy assistance grant

Disabled People who are not 65 or older MUST Also Bring:

  • Proof of 100% disability from the Social Security Administration.