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2015 Paving Program
  • The 2015 Paving Program is well underway.  All or part of Corning Road, Sandy Lane, Weber Farm Road, Stonyridge Road, Meadow Lane, Dellwood Road, Dogwood Lane have been resurfaced.      

(updated August 14, 2015)

Design for the Rehabilitation of the Sherman Street Bridges
The preliminary engineering is now underway for the Sherman Street Bridge rehabilitation project.  Many people are unaware that there are actually two bridges at this Yantic River crossing - one conveys the main river channel (aka, the Canada Bridge) and the other, approximately 100 feet to the east of the Canada Bridge, conveys overflow water when the Yantic River rises.

Public Works Engineering staff is working with the design engineer in the development of detailed cost estimates, based on field data accumulated over the past 8 months.  These cost, along with the preliminary engineering report, will be discussed with the CTDOT in the coming months.  Following CTDOT approval, design plans and permitting will take place.    

(updated March 17, 2014)

Design for the Rehabilitation of the Sunnyside Street Bridge
The design for the rehabilitation of the historic Sunnyside Street Bridge in the Yantic Village is underway.  The City's consulting engineer has developed several design alternatives to repair the parapet walls that flank both sides of the bridge, improve pedestrian access, repair stone masonry sections, relocate overhead utilities, and resurface the road.  These design alternatives are required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  FHWA is funding 80% of the project cost through the Federal Local Bridge Program, which is administered by the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).

The City and CTDOT met recently to discuss the required design alternatives and both agencies agree that preserving the existing look of the bridge is paramount in selecting the final project design.  Alternatives that look to widen the bridge or add a separate pedestrian bridge are counter to the City's vision for the project and are therefore being discouraged.

The City will seek the input of the Yantic Village residents in the coming months, prior to selecting a final design alternative.

(updated March 17, 2014)  


Rose City Senior Center Renovations
Under Construction

(Updated August 14, 2015)


Chelsea Parade Sidewalks
Under Construction

(Updated August 14, 2015

City Hall Lightning Protection
Under Construction

(Updated August 14, 2015)