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Leadership Training Efforts
Teen Leadership Council

The Teen Leadership Council program is designed to introduce youth ages 13-18 to the basic skills and information necessary to empower them to become leaders in their community. It is our belief that teens can become an integrated part of the process of positive change in any community. TLC is a 15-week curriculum that combines the best aspects of leadership training and includes such topics as: Values Clarification, Diversity Training, Communication Skills, How to Define a Problem, Bridges and Barricades, Budgets, and Media and Packaging Agendas. Teens will focus on teamwork and cooperation to complete a community project of their choice. Community mentors will volunteer their time and skills to help the participants achieve their goals. Individuals will be mentored beyond the project time as appropriate.  Applicants are recruitment from the local high schools.  Training begins in January of each year.  If you are interested in participating in this Teen leadership training opportunity, please call Angelo Callis at 860-823-3782.


Voices for Families

This curriculum includes training in problem definition, honing interpersonal skills, diversity training, building bridges and removing barriers, language and writing skills, media and packaging agendas, State and local government, the Board of Education and the school system, budgets, accountability, and outcome expectations. This program strives to facilitate a process whereby parents advocate for the needs of children and families in their community. People in the community who have been identified as leaders are engaged as mentors for other parents as they design and implement programs.  The training last for 15 weeks and culminates in a class project.  Three Rivers Community College has, in the past, given 3 credits in Assessment of Prior Learning for this training.  Training begins in January of each year.  If you are interested in this unique training opportunity please call Sherry Filiatreault at 860-823-3782.