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Become a Norwich Police Officer
Steps to Becoming a Norwich Police Officer
Potential Candidates must: Be 21 years or older, a citizen of the United States; and have a valid Operators license. No Felony, “A” or “B” misdemeanor convictions, no Evading Responsibility or Operating under the Influence convictions, Perjury or False statement.

Written Test
The written examination is the first step in the process. The Law Enforcement Council of Southeastern Connecticut administers a written examination for the City of Norwich Police Department as well as 21 other police departments in Connecticut through PoliceApp. Both websites contain detailed information regarding the process for registering for a written exam. Candidates must score 70% or above.

Physical Agility Assessment
Candidates passing the written examination may participate in the physical agility assessment. It consists of four events called the Cooper test designed to assess the physical fitness / capability of candidates. All candidates will be required to have a Medical Approval Form signed by their physician to be admitted to the agility test.
  • Push ups – measures upper body strength / endurance
  • Sit ups – measure of the muscular endurance of the central core region
  • Sit and reach – measure of the flexibility of the posterior muscles of the body
  • 1.5 mile run – measure of aerobic power

Each event has specific performance requirements based on the age and sex of the candidate required for acceptance into the Police Academy. Candidates must successfully complete all four events to progress to the next step.

A valid CHIP (Complete Health and Injury Prevention) card may be substituted for the agility assessment. 

Oral Interview
The Oral Interview panel comprises three police officers. It allows us to learn a little about the candidate’s background as well as the candidate’s ability to make decisions based on scenarios presented to them.

The panelists’ scores are tabulated into an average score. The minimum score required to pass the Oral Interview is 70 percent.

Merit System Rules of the City of Norwich are utilized to calculate scores and determine eligibility / certified lists. The Human Resource Department averages the score of the written test and oral board then adds points for Norwich residency (5 points), veterans (5 points), and disabled veteran (10 points). Candidates are then placed on an eligibility list based on their numerical score.

When the Police Department seeks to fill a position, the Chief of Police requests a list of names from the Human Resource Department and, based on the number of positions available, a list of 5-10 candidates are “certified” and delivered to the Selections Unit. The list is delivered in alphabetical order. The Selections Unit does not see candidates’ scores. Race, ethnicity, and sex are not listed.

Background Investigation
Candidates from the certified list begin the background investigation phase. “Conditional Offers of Employment” are issued and an “Authorization for Information” release is signed by each candidate, allowing background investigators access to obtain records such as:
  • Employment records
  • Credit information
  • Medical records
  • Psychiatric records
  • Military records
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Educational information
  • Criminal history information
  • Civil court records
  • Character references

Polygraph Examination
Candidate’s personal history is explored, including but not limited to:
  • Work history
  • Criminal behavior
  • Illegal drug use
  • Alcohol use

Any deception or lying during this phase will immediately disqualify the candidate, as will certain admissions. The results of this examination will be reviewed to determine if the candidate will progress to the next phase.

Psychological Examination
The psychological exam is conducted by a licensed practitioner and assists in determining suitability as a Police Officer based on past / present behavior patterns, as well as other factors.

Medical Examination
Conducted by a licensed medical doctor to determine if the candidate can physically perform the essential duties required of a Police Officer. 

Drug Screening
Screens candidates for illegal drug usage.

Approval for appointment as a Police Officer recruit.

Connecticut Police Academy
If all the conditions pertaining to appointment are met, the candidate will be sworn in prior to acceptance into the Connecticut Police Academy. The process, from written exam to entry into the academy, can take 6–12 months depending on available academy openings.

Candidates must pass a second physical agility assessment upon entering the academy.

Candidates live at the Connecticut Police Academy (except weekends) during the 22 weeks of Basic Recruit Training consisting of classroom and practical exercises designed to provide recruits with the knowledge necessary to perform essential job functions. The recruit must maintain a minimum grade point average and satisfactorily complete all practical exercises to graduate.

After graduation, recruits must complete a minimum of 400 hours of Supervised Field Training. Recruits are graded based on an accepted set of standards to evaluate progress and ability to perform the duties of a Police Officer. Upon successful completion, recruits are certified as police officers and may begin working independently.