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Personnel & Pension Board
Explore the Personnel & Pension Board.

Plan of Conservation & Development Committee

Plan of Conservation/Dev Plan Implementation

Police Station Committee
Police Station Committee

Public Parking Commission
Discover the Public Parking Commission.

Public Safety
Learn about Public Safety.

Public Utilities Commissions, Board of
Find out about the Board of Public Utilities Commissions.

Public Works & Capital Improvements Committee
Explore the Public Works & Capital Improvements Committee.

Recreation Advisory Board
Find out about the Recreation Advisory Board.

Redevelopment Agency
Learn about the Redevelopment Agency.

Rehabilitation Review Committee
Discover the Rehabilitation Review Committee.

Reid & Hughes Committee

Reid & Hughes Planning & Development Comm.
Explore the Reid & Hughes Planning & Development Committee.

Sachem Fund Board
Find out about the Sachem Fund Board.

School Building Committee (Kelly Middle)
Learn about the School Building Committee.

School Building Committee (John B. Stanton)

Select Committee of Inquiry

Senior Affairs Commission
Discover the Senior Affairs Commission.

Southeastern CT Council of Governments
Find out about the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments.

Southeastern CT Regional Resource Recovery
Learn about Southeastern CT Regional Resource Recovery.

Southeastern CT Regional Transit District
Explore the Southeastern CT Regional Transit District.

Thames Valley Council for Comm. Action Board
Find out about the Thames Valley Council for Community Action Board.

Uncas Health District
Explore the Uncas Health District.

Volunteer Firefighter Relief Fund Committee
Discover the Volunteer Firefighter Relief Fund Committee.

Youth Service Advisory Board
Find out about the Youth Service Advisory Board.

Zoning Board of Appeals
Learn about the Zoning Board of Appeals.