If I pay my motor vehicle taxes online, can I register or reregister my vehicle right away?
NO. The quickest way to obtain a DMV clearance is to bring cash, a cashier’s check or money order to the Tax Collector’s office.
When you make a payment online, the Tax Collector’s office will not receive notification for one to two business days. When we receive the report of your payment, we will apply the monies to your bill(s) in our office. In order to register or re-register any vehicle, ALL motor vehicle taxes with your name on them must be paid in full. DMV will not know that your taxes are paid in full until an employee in the tax collector's office sends an electronic notification directly to DMV. The DMV no longer accepts paper clearances or a stamp on the back of a registration renew. They also do not accept a receipt as proof of payment.
If you pay your taxes with a Credit or Debit card, we cannot clear your name with DMV until after we receive and process your online payment. If you pay by ACH, there would be a 3 business day wait from when we process your online payment; or if you provide us documentation that the payment has been taken out of your account.

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