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What are the bulky waste guidelines?
Residents are allowed 2 curbside bulky waste pickups per year. Residents may schedule a bulky waste pickup by calling Willimantic Waste Paper at 860-423-4527 or by going to the WWP website at www.williwaste.com

Bulky Waste Guidelines

The quantity of materials placed for a curbside bulky waste pile should be equivalent to what would fit in a standard pickup truck bed. Curbside bulky waste pickups are not for entire house/apartment cleanouts. Very large quantities of bulky waste should be brought to the transfer station for a fee or properly disposed of commercially (i.e., dumpster service).

Household furniture (including mattresses) - Maximum of two pieces per pick up. Wooden items; such as chairs, bureaus, etc.; can exceed limit of two pieces.

Tires - Maximum of four automobile and / or small pickup truck tires. They cannot be on the metal rims, no large truck tires.

White Goods - Two appliances per pickup. Anything with freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers; is subject to a $10 environmental charge per item. The refuse hauler will take note and you will be billed separately.

Metal - Maximum length of eight feet. Maximum weight of 50 lbs per piece.

Scrap Wood - A neat pile not to exceed four feet wide, eight feet long and three feet high.

PLEASE NOTE: Construction debris such as showers, sinks, tubs, toilets, etc., sheetrock, or roof shingles are not eligible for bulky waste pickup and should be either delivered directly to the Transfer Station or removed by a private contractor.

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