Become a Norwich Firefighter

Norwich Fire Department occasionally has openings within its ranks for new firefighter candidates. We strive to employ candidates that exemplify the standards and values to uphold for the community we serve. A goal of our department is employ candidates whom model our community in culture, values, and diversity.

Physical Preparedness 

Firefighting is a unique career in which men and women who work in the field are considered “Occupational Athletes” in which physical fitness is of utmost importance. The ability of our members to carry out our mission requires a lifestyle of physical fitness and healthy living.

As a guide to prepare you for a career in firefighting, the Connecticut Fire Academy with CT Fire Chiefs Association and CT Career Fire Chiefs Association has published the Connecticut Firefighters Physical Assessment and Preparation Guide. Though following this document doesn’t guarantee that you will be offered a position as a firefighter, it will give you the guidance to prepare yourself for physical requirements to be ready for the CT Fire Academy.


Reference Documents