Norwich Prevention Council

Norwich Prevention Council

Norwich Prevention Council LogoWho Are We?

A coalition of community leaders working together to minimize the negative impacts of behavioral health issues (substance use and mental health) on our community by implementing comprehensive and diverse approaches to these issues in Norwich. 

By bringing together these members of our community and their unique experiences, we can better identify and understand how these factors affect our City.

The mission is to prevent risky behavior among Norwich youth by building local capacity to provide programs and opportunities for youth; promoting education and training to reduce tobacco, alcohol, prescription drug misuse and other risky behaviors.

The goals are to decrease underage drinking and marijuana use by youth under 21 within our community!!

billboard for preventing underage drinking

What is Drug Prevention? 

A comprehensive effort to utilize public health strategies to prevent youth from using harmful substances like alcohol, marijuana, tobacco/nicotine, and other substances, so that there is decreased negative impacts to their development.

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What is the Public Health Approach to Prevention? 

 This is an approach that brings together community leaders and assets to effectively target factors that can lead to increased behavioral health issues in the community. Some examples of this work include; collecting thorough data, advocating for policy change, enhancing enforcement, making environmental changes, and eliminating barriers to resources. With the Drug Free Communities grant, we will primarily focus on substance use.

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