Chief's Message


As part of our mission, the men and women of the Norwich Fire Department work tirelessly to provide the very best emergency response possible to you and your family. We maintain two fully staffed stations with a compliment of 13 people working on 3 engines, one truck company and a shift commander. Whether it is an EMS, Fire, HAZMAT, Marine, or special operation's emergency, we are fully trained to respond and mitigate the incident in an efficient and professional manner. Our primary response district is the Greeneville section and the urban core of the City. We also provide assistance when called, to the rural areas. Please frequent this site regularly as we intend to keep you informed of the latest fire safety messages and public education sites available. Please do not hesitate to call me with your questions. My office door is always open, and I welcome the opportunity to show my guests around one of the best fire departments in Southeastern Connecticut.

Chief Scand

Chief Scandariato