Community Development

July 9, 2021 Access the Proposed Annual Action Plan for PY47 2021-22 Program Year


Notice of Availability for Public Comment

Proposed Action Plan for Program Year 2021



The Community Development Advisory Committee, a citizen advisory group that makes recommendations to the Office of Community Development and the City Council has voted to fund the following projects for the upcoming program year 2021.  These recommendations address the priorities of the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, as referenced in the 5-Year Consolidated Plan, which is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


The Council of the City of Norwich held a public hearing regarding the recommendations on July 6th, 2021 at 7:30 PM in council chambers.

The following allocations have been based on estimated funds available of $876,317. 

The proposed projects are listed below:

Public Services: 

Children in Placement - GAL     $20,000.00 

TVCCA Home Again Homeless Prevention           $20,000.00 

Norwich Works - NHS                $60,000.00 

Rapid Rehousing/Shelter Diversion - NHS             $15,000.00 

Safe Futures   $15,000.00 

Citizen & Police Academy - NPD             $10,936.70

Public Facility Needs/Improvements/Non-Public Service

Columbus Park - DPW                $40,280.00 

Handicap Accessibility - DPW   $40,430.00 

Rosewood Manor Roof & Gutters - NHA               $150,000.00 

McKeon Park - Norwich Recreation        $55,623.00 

Jenkins Park - Norwich Recreation          $11,375.00 

Rehabilitation and Preservation

CD Office/Property Rehabilitation – Project delivery for the rehabilitation of substandard housing, including addressing safety and code compliance - $262,475.30

Planning and Administration

Community Development Administration - $175,197.00 

Proposed Annual Action Plan Availability and Public Comment Period:

The Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) held four meetings/hearings open to the public, on 4/6/21, 4/8/21, 5/3/21 and 5/19/21 which included a vote on the allocation. These recommendations and the Annual Action Plan are available for review and public comment for a 30-day period beginning July 9, 2021 & ending August 9, 2021. Copies of the plan are available at the following locations:

  • Online at
  • City Hall 100 Broadway Norwich, CT Office of the City Manager, Office of the City Clerk & Norwich Human Services
  • Community Development Office, 23 Union Street, Norwich CT
  • Otis Library, 261 Main Street, Norwich CT
  • Norwich Housing Authority, 10 Westwood Park, Norwich CT

 All comments should be submitted by 4:00 PM August 9, 2021 to the Community Development Office, 23 Union Street, Norwich, CT. 06360, or e-mailed to Kathryn Crees at All comments received by that time will be taken into consideration.


The department contributes to the overall economic and community development of the City of Norwich through administering and creating programs that, among other activities, benefit low and moderate-income residents.

The Department of Community Development contributes to Norwich development by investing in infrastructure and revitalization projects. The department simultaneously assists individual residents by administering programs that foster financial stability.  The department seeks to make investments based on the Five-Year Consolidated Plan as categorized below:

Provide Decent Affordable Housing

  • Programs that increase homeownership opportunities as well as promote code improvement and energy efficient housing

Create a Suitable Living Environment

  • Activities addressing quality of life issues that encourage collaboration and foster a sense of community on a city-wide scale

Expand Economic Opportunities for Low-to-Moderate Income Residents

  • Proposals that provide a measurable increase in job creation through business retention/expansion/creation
  • Proposals that will create an improved skill set and result in direct employment or business creation