Youth Service Advisory Board


The 11-member board is composed of:

  • Three members appointed for one-year terms, one of whom shall be younger than 21 years of age
  • Two members appointed for two years to be recommended by City Manager subject to approval of City Council
  • One member each for a total of six members from the following agencies. Terms of these members subject to approval of appointing body and Membership Committee of the Advisory Board.
    • Norwich Free Academy
    • Norwich Police Department
    • Connecticut Juvenile Court
    • Board of Education
    • Connecticut Department of Child & Family Services
    • Norwich Technical School
  • Youth & Family Services


MemberPartyTerm Ends
Bertrand, Leopold, Youth Representative

Charles, Kimberly, CT Juvenile Court

DiFilippo, Kevin, Department of Children & Families

Dubb, Sue, Uncas Health District

Haggan, Erin, Youth & Family Services 

McKinney, Bob, Police Department

Miller, Jaime, Norwich Tech

Savage, Jodi, Noriwch Free Academy

Wagner, Katelyn, Norwich Public Schools

VACANT, Natchaug Hospital

VACANT, Community MemberU2/1/2021
VACANT, Community MemberU2/1/2021

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Until approved, meeting minutes are drafts and subject to correction by the body for which they were prepared. Minutes are typically approved at the body’s next regular meeting.

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